Maine Coons breed of cats is highly expensive and very much adored by the people. This breed is the largest domestic cat breed. They are quite muscular, big boned and weigh up to 18 pounds in case of males. They also have multi-layered fur which keeps them suitable for New England winters. And their large paws help them cross or walk in the snow easily.

Only Show Cat Breed: This breed is the result of cross-breeding between the long and short hair cats. Also, only the fittest and strongest could survive the New England winters. It is the only show cat breed that originated in the US.

Kings and Queens of the Cat World: This breed is highly social and likes interacting with humans. They are known for their playful nature. They are friendly, loyal and get along with kids and other different pets.

Maine Coons Trill and Chirp: These cats do not produce the sound of just Meow, but also gives a sound of purr, so it’s a mixture of Meow and purr together. Cats usually chirp when they identify some kind of prey and the trill sound is echoed when they are extremely happy.

Maine Coons Like Water: Unlike other cat breeds Maine Coon likes to enjoy being in the water. Their fur is water resistant and if trained well, they can even start swimming.

Gentle Giants: As the breed likes to be cuddly, therefore they don’t hide their feelings from humans and shower their love on them. This breed is quite friendly and it is very easy to please them. They are like gentle giants and keep the home atmosphere joyful.

Besides the above mentioned there are many unknown facts about this breed which differentiates them from other breed and that’s the reason why they are so popular.

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