MAINE COON – Characteristics, Character and Care

Maine coon

Maine Coon Cats What Are They All About

This video will be talking about one of the biggest cat breeds in the United States and the Maine Coon is one of the most popular cats in the country.

What you will learn about the Maine Coon cat

What you need to know before owning a Maine Coon and bringing it home. What is required after bringing your cat home, the Maine Coon cats temperament, characteristics, and care.


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How Maine Coon Cats Communicate


Communication Traits of The Maine Coon Cat

The Coonie, as the Maine Coon cat is also called captivates with her friendly, loveable character, the low, high voice, and her unobtrusive nature. She is very fond of her people and a wonderful family cat with many good qualities. Maine Coon cats love to communicate with their people. But what exactly does it tell you about the mumbling and cooing? What does the posture express?

Language Skills Of The Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats like to talk with their human friends and also with their own kind. This Maine Coon breed is, however, in general not too loud, so that one can rather rejoice and be amused by this need for communication rather than to be annoyed by it.

If the muzzle of the Maine Coon cat is noticeably louder, it is suspected that Maine Coon cats want to make their people aware of a malady, which consists of their view. Is it perhaps time for feeding. Or has some time passed since the last exciting game with humans? Whatever the case may be, the animals undoubtedly succeed in attracting the attention of their people through their talkativeness.

Major mischief or even anxiety expresses the Maine Coons like representatives of other races, by hissing, accompanied by appropriate body signals. In general, it is important to pay close attention to the posture of the Maine Coon cat, as their non-verbal communication is very diverse and reveals everything about their current state of mind.

The Body Language Of The Maine Coon Cat

People who do not like cats often justify that the Maine Coon cats are sneaky. A Maine Coon cat usually sends clear signals when it no longer wants to be touched. If that does not fruit and sees no possibility of retreat, she can feel cornered and actively express her disapproval with strangers.
Those who want to understand their Maine Coon should know their communication channels: eyes and ears, whiskers, tail, and posture.


Maine Coon cat

Maine Coon cat

What The Individual Parts Of The Maine Coon Cats’ Body Reveal

Whiskers: On the whiskers, people usually, if at all, pay attention to the last, because the other body signals of the cats are more noticeable to us. This is not tragic, as the cat’s mood barometer always uses a combination of several physical signs.

However, who pays close attention to these hairs, will find that the whole range of emotions can be read from them. When the Maine Coon is relaxed, the whiskers stand horizontally to the side or point slightly downwards. Strong down whiskers usually mean: I am depressed.

If the Maine Coon cat feels threatened, there are two possibilities: if the fear predominates, it applies the whiskers to the head, in order to become invisible. If the panic is great, the whiskers may even be confused with the head. On the other hand, if the cat is more aggressive, she puts her whiskers forward.

Eyes: Cat’s eyes are fascinating, but their expression is not as easy to interpret as other body signals. Clearly, even for laymen: When the eyes are closed, the cat is relaxed. When the eyes are half open, the kitty is either sleepy or she just feels very well.

With completely opened eyes the pupil gives additional information. Are these cats’ typical the narrow form? The Maine Coon is very concentrated, maybe annoying or in a neutral state.

If the Maine Coon cats’ eyes show restlessness or anxiety, the pupils become oval to circular. The entire eye looks rounder, even with pronounced almond eyes.

Most clearly anger is recognizable. The Maine Coon cat entire eyes narrow to a narrow slit, the gesture is clarified by a gaping mouth, from which the teeth flash out, and hissing.

Ears: The eavesdroppers are already noticeable because they seem to be constantly moving in cats. Even in sleep, they twitch, especially when noises are heard. If the Maine Coon points its ears forward, the highest attention is revealed. For relaxation and wellbeing, the ears are simply up; the ears are visible from the front.

If the Maine Coon cat is insecure or afraid, she will put her ears backward. If she moves her ears fast, possibly even in different directions, that means the highest alert readiness. If the cat is angry or even aggressive, fold the ears down and stand horizontally from the head.

Tail: The tail gives both his attitude and his movement and his hair information about the state of mind of the Maine Coon. If the kitty is relaxed and happy, the tail hangs quietly down or stands with great joy upwards with a slight curvature like a cane handle.

A raised tail without curvature is always a sign that the Maine Coon wants to show us something. Often it is the empty bowl in which something should be poured. If the tail is horizontal backward, the animal is curious or concentrated. In a sad Maine Coon cat, the tail hangs down.

If the cat is in a very agitated state of mind, the tail’s hairs are far off, making it twice as thick as it actually is. Erect tail signals anger, a tail pointing back reveals fear.

Caution is always required when the Maine Coon swings the tailback and forth. If the whole tail moves, the displeasure means rage. Jerks only the tail tip, it is usually about restlessness, but also boredom.

Posture: Absolute relaxation expresses the Maine Coon by lying down or sitting comfortably. Even with the cat-typical stretches, she can signal that she is unimpressed by what is happening around her.

If she is highly concentrated, she stands with her legs slightly bent or crouches on the floor when, for example, she lurks on a mouse.

When Maine Coon cats are scared, their body is crouched, which they keep while walking. In threatening gestures her legs are stretched, sometimes they make a cat hump. They do that too when they startle. Both should have the effect of acting larger and thus impress the opponent.

Another Maine Coon cat’s salient feature is that these friendly giants like to use their paws for unusual activities. Open doors, to drink water and also feed with their paws: This is something that sometimes happens to the cheerful Maine Coon cat. The Maine Coon cat has a quiet, fine voice, but is still often talkative and the Maine Coon likes to chat with their favorite people.


Cute Talking Maine Coon Cat

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How to Tell if Your Cat is a Maine Coon Cat

maine coon cats

Do you have a Maine Coon cat?

Watch the video to find out. In this video, you will learn how to tell if your cat is a Maine Coon cat. There are very telling ways to be able to answer this question. So, If you have a feline companion and you are wondering if you have a Maine Coon you will find the answer in this video.


How to Tell if Your Cat is a Maine Coon Cat Video

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Maine Coon Cat Pictures – Wait until you see these cats!

Maine Coon Pics – What a beautiful cat

Have you ever seen any Maine Coon Cat Pictures? They are quite the amazing feline, with size that of one of the largest in the world as far as domesticated cats go.  

The Maine Coon can reach up to 25 pounds and can be up to 40″ long.  Now that is one big cat.

The Maine Coon cat is a very playful cat that loves to get its picture taken. I have been taking pictures of Maine Coon cats For about 12 years now and have had Maine Coons for about 16 years.

Maine Coon cats are such a beautiful cat you can actually see the wildcat in them when looking at a pic of Maine coon cat, but they are such a friendly feline.

We hope you enjoy the below Maine coon cat pictures and we will be adding many more pictures of Maine coon cats soon.

If you have any questions or have some Maine Coon photos you would like to post on our site just send us an email from our who are we page.


main coon cat

main coon cat


maine coon cat pictures

Maine coon cat pictures


maine coon

Maine Coon


pic of maine coon cat

pic of Maine coon cat


pictures of maine coon cats

pictures of Maine coon cats


maine coon cats

maine coon cats


pic of maine coon kittens

pic of Maine Coon kittens



maine coon cat breed



maine coon



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Maine Coon Cats 101

maine coon cat

Maine Coon Cat – Get Your Lovely Pet


The official cat of the state of Maine is Maine coon cat. If you are not aware of the breed then go back to your Harry Potter movie series memories and recall Mrs. Norris, Argus Filch’s cat.

Maine coon cats size is from medium size to large. Their shape is in rectangular form and long.  They look quite larger than their actual size and reason for this is only their body shape.
Males in Maine coon cats size are larger than the females. Can get up to 25 pounds!
The coat of Maine coon cats is heavy yet silky. A fascinating attribute of Maine coon cats is that they are shorter above the shoulder, drapers longer on the stomach and behind the legs and shaggy also.



maine coon baby


In spite of Maine coon cats size, they are gentle and sweet tempered. She adores her parents and easily adapts any surrounding; all she needs is room to exercise. Despite being loud, her soft and calm voice leaves you relaxed. They are long, broad, and muscular and they are the largest domestic cats breed in the world. Maine coon cats images give a clear and fair idea of its dynamic personality.

Some attributes of Maine coon cat

Origin – The United States of America

Lifetime – 12 to 14 years

Colors of eyes – Green, gold, copper, blue

Energy Level – Mediocre

Nature – Loyal, easygoing, smart, soft

Coat – Long

Maintenance and Grooming – Daily grooming is required

With Children – Friendly

Other Names – Connie, Maine Cat, Maine Trick cat, American Longhair, American Foret Cat, American Shag, American Snughead.





Maine coon cats as pets – Best option

Maine coon cats as pets are considered as the loyal one and in the family, they happen to get real close with one family member and treat that member as a special one.

Maine coon cats enjoy human being’s company and want to be around them all the time by getting involved in any activity they do.

They have water resistant fur and they enjoy the water. They also stay clean and fresh all the time and drink water a lot. The Maine coon cat breed is one of the best in terms of energy level and activeness.

It is important to keep in mind that if one needs to keep them indoors mostly, then sufficient mental and physical stimulation must be ensured to maintain the health that will keep them happy and satisfied. There are special cat trees dedicated to Maine coon cats that ensure all of their instincts satisfied.  

The Maine coon cat breed

This long-haired breed is an inhabitant of the United States of America. The seamen who sailed into New England carried cats with them, the cats either left the ship permanently or for a little while.

With the existing inhabitant cats, they created their own unique breed. The Maine coon cat breed got a brilliant notice in 1895 when in New York the title of the best cat award was granted to ‘Leo’ a Tabby Maine Coon. An interesting fact about ‘Leo’ is in 1900 he was beaten by his own son.  

Maine Coon cat has always been ‘America’s cat’.

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Unknown Facts About Maine Coons

Maine Coons breed of cats is highly expensive and very much adored by the people. This breed is the largest domestic cat breed. They are quite muscular, big boned and weigh up to 18 pounds in case of males. They also have multi-layered fur which keeps them suitable for New England winters. And their large paws help them cross or walk in the snow easily.

Only Show Cat Breed: This breed is the result of cross-breeding between the long and short hair cats. Also, only the fittest and strongest could survive the New England winters. It is the only show cat breed that originated in the US.

Kings and Queens of the Cat World: This breed is highly social and likes interacting with humans. They are known for their playful nature. They are friendly, loyal and get along with kids and other different pets.

Maine Coons Trill and Chirp: These cats do not produce the sound of just Meow, but also gives a sound of purr, so it’s a mixture of Meow and purr together. Cats usually chirp when they identify some kind of prey and the trill sound is echoed when they are extremely happy.

Maine Coons Like Water: Unlike other cat breeds Maine Coon likes to enjoy being in the water. Their fur is water resistant and if trained well, they can even start swimming.

Gentle Giants: As the breed likes to be cuddly, therefore they don’t hide their feelings from humans and shower their love on them. This breed is quite friendly and it is very easy to please them. They are like gentle giants and keep the home atmosphere joyful.

Besides the above mentioned there are many unknown facts about this breed which differentiates them from other breed and that’s the reason why they are so popular.

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10 Fascinating Facts About Maine Coon Cats

There are many myths and legends regarding Maine Coon cats.Maine Coons are the largest domestic cat breed. They’re big boned and muscular they’re also called the American Longhair.Maine Coon Cats are probably the most revered and best loved gentle giants in the cat world. As many owners of this breed will tell you, there is always more to them than meets the eye such as their unique personalities, habits, and ways they easily make us swoon with the adorable daily characteristics.

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